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Benefits of a plant focused lifestyle

Here’s the deal: I don’t believe or think that there is one right way of eating for everyone.

That means I also don’t believe everyone needs to be vegan.

You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy plant focused meals

Pretty much it boils down to fiber, vitamins, minerals and nutrients when we eat. Fats, carbs, and proteins. Calories & Macros. same

old. Same old.

All amazing and great, count them if you like- but ultimately without sounding like a d***; not all day, everyday. Too much work. Too much focus. Let’s enjoy life.

As a holistic nutritionist and a person who is genuinely interested and concerned about your health & wellness I get the need for counting on occasion, For some health coaching clients I ask them to use a log/ app for a period of time to get a better overall picture of what they consume in a day and how their body uses it.

However; as a professional and friend who has lived through and is always (as I see it) in recovery from an eating disorder- over 14 years- I don’t think that counting and watching 24/7 is a safe behavior for some, and can set others up for disorders eating so I don’t recommend for everyone or rely on it.

What I like to to use as my foundation is plain and simple as the Earth.

Because it is.


Was your food nourishing? Was it vibrant or colorful? That‘s it.

What I know:

Listening to your body and heart will always serve you.

Focusing on eating around fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables will always serve you.

Eating fruits and vegetable that were those your ancestors ate will serve you.

Your body loves and craves these low in calories and nourishing fat filled treats- fibrous and nutrient dense foods to keep it moving and healthy. These will serve you.

Keep these bright delights as the focus of your meals and fill in gaps with whole grains, legumes, seeds, & nuts. Herbs and spices help round out your plate.

Incorporating animal proteins if your body feels you need them (in appropriate quantities) will serve you.

*If adding them in, your meat/ dairy should look more like a condiment. 😉

Plant focused lifestyles shouldn’t be hard.

Eat the 🌈


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