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well fit by whit


1:1 Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Coaching

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Hi! I’m Whitney Starrs.

My friends call me Whit.

I am a holistic nutritionist & health stylist,  along as a self taught plant focused chef,  who spends my days as a mom to three beautiful little girls (10, 7, & 3) & wife to surely the best husband on the planet. 

I love reading, vegetables, Jesus, animals, cooking, fashion magazines, shopping, long walks and runs, yoga, sewing, cooking, drawing, painting, and listening to classical piano while I am cooking and creating.

I live for giant salads with every single topping known to man, green juice, a huge sparkling water, an amazing blazer with killer shoulders, mismatched earrings, a perfect nude lip, big bowls of noodles, great jeans, cilantro, rings on all fingers, any kind of hot sauce, pomegranate seeds, pineapple ginger juice, and top notch face cream in no particular order.

I struggled in my teenage years and early adulthood with an eating disorder (10+ years recovery) and self destructive behavior. In my ED recovery I had to learn about and change my outlook and attitude about food, eating, EVERYTHING. Living in an eating disorder is living in a lie. It can feel very isolating. It is choice to change and a day by day recovery. Taking small steps to create lasting healthy habits lead me out of that dark space, along with lots of LOVE and FORGIVENESS.

The seeds that were planted in those dark times continued to push me forward into wanting to invest more into my health my relationship with myself and others. This is where my wellness journey started. Baby steps of healthier meals, walking turned to running, picking the brains of health minded friends and colleagues, and a more positive outlook in general.

Throughout my life, and most specifically in the last 15 years many of my family members have been impacted by conditions, critical health challenges and/or terminal disease. 

Several of them I have since been told are "just genetic" and "that's just the way it is". 


Not me. 


I was going to change the script on my health and totally invest in it.


I was going to make my health my #1 priority.

That’s when I became a certified IIN holistic health coach. I wanted to become a healthier version of me, a better woman and mom, and be the kind of woman I had needed when I was struggling. I wanted to become a better listener, an accountability partner, and a friend.


Previous work had always been as a personal stylist and sales management, and realized I could apply that same thing in the kitchen and home-just as much as the closet!

Drawing on my expertise, from training and life experience, I meshed careers and loves to work with clients like you to help make lifestyle changes, personal style choices, and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results.

I have continued to learn and grow through education & experience - I feel that LIFE is such a motivator and teacher. 

Perspective is everything, and there is always good food, shoes, and love to be found. 

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of all of it; your life, your fridge & pantry, your grocery cart, and while were chatting we'll probs talk about your closet too. 

Together we can hone in on what serves you; can we add in, crowd out, and everything in between.

Let’s turn lemons into lemonade together.


Make life a little more easy peasy.






Well Fit by Whit

313.829.4390 for deets

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